WELCOME  is a unique platform of our organization “Donate Your Computer Foundation” where your working, non-working Pc / Laptop or related peripherals can be donated. The concept got amazing response from the donors who almost donated more than 300 Computers & Laptops through our website. We are working with rural schools of India since 2014 & we had placed more than 300 Pc & Laptops in schools and helped them to bridge the digital divide! it’s our mission to make tech accessible to needy schools of India. When you donate your Pc to Rural School your changing lives, creating opportunity and helping to eliminate the digital divide. A big thanks to everyone who donated in past & helped needy schools to became digital school of India.

We are also featured in ZEE NEWS, NDTVGADGETS.COM, DNA Bangalore / Mumbai Edition, MAHARASHTRA TIMES, LOKSATTA, Chip Magazine and many articles. we are focusing on schools in remote villages of India where the most computer education is required. Today in the world of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube almost every human being are getting education to make bigger innovations in their life. Only computer made it possible to give us a big people like Steve Jobs, Satya Nadella, Sunder Pichai, Mark Zukerberg and many more.

A best way of throwing away your Pc / laptop is to donate to a needy school where more than 100 children’s can learn. Your old computer might have some life in it before it is dumped. It will also help to reduce e-waste problem.

Current Schools Request for Computers


Some of Zilla Parishad Schools Who Received Computer

Donate Your PC

How does it work?

 It’s very simple actually, if you wish to donate your old PC, simply register your donation details on the site and you will be contacted. Similarly requester has to register with their request along with complete contact details and reasons for the request. we will contact you when an offering matching request comes by. Many schools of India are in need of computers to teach E-Learning education & learn from many educational videos from internet, only you can make a difference by donating your old PC/laptop. A child is always with a new vision and can discover many things without computer, just think if they gets a ray of hope of learning computers then what can they discover.

Our Focus

Currently we are focusing to equipped at least 1 computer in every schools of India. Many schools are located in areas where electricity is unreachable & many poor children’s take education. We believe that with the help of computer this schools can teach many educational & inspirational videos to children.


World’s E-Waste to grow 33% by 2020, says global report. Millions of computers and laptops are dumped every day, informal processing of electronic waste in developing countries may cause serious health and pollution problems, as these countries have limited regulatory oversight of e-waste processing. A dumped monitor or Pc had a some life in it to reuse in the way of using its components

Three students from a small rural school name Amrut Kalash in Akola, Maharashtra invented a device which detects darkness and turn on the light. Their invention adopted for 400 street lights in Akola and won 2nd Prize in state level science competition in Baramati, Maharashtra. But the school only had 3 Pcs to teach 900 students. After we posted their request for PC on our website, JET AIRWAYS, MUMBAI contacted us & donated 20 PC‘s to this school. Thanks to Jet Airways